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Opera Neon: A New Generation of Web Browser

Opera Neon


Opera, which was recently sold to a consortium of Chinese investors, is now doing what it can to shake things up in the field of web browsers by introducing Opera Neon. Like Chrome before it, Opera is trying to find a way to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack by presenting a new design that is different enough to stand out but not so different that it ends up being ignored by users. For instance, the layout has been designed such that the menu and address bar appear on the same vertical axis, a design that many people will feel is very similar to the background of a website. The big change, however, is that Opera has disabled the toolbar that used to be present in all versions of the browser and instead relies on the desktop for making menus, which gives it a distinct advantage over its competitors.

One of the big features of the new design is a new feature called the “blink layout engine,” which helps users take an inactive page and turn it into one that they are more interested in. Using a combination of JavaScript and WebKit technology, the blink layout engine works to determine whether you really want to open that page or not, and then offers a pop-up menu or a simple window to the user. With Opera Neon’s new design, users are given the option to simply ignore the pop-up if they so choose, which is a big departure from the old version of the browser where users had to click the “open” button in order to get to any website. Even though Opera Widgets used to appear as little as possible, the new concept browser makes it very clear that there will be Opera Widgets, and all of them will be important to users.

Opera Neon is trying to differentiate itself from other web browsers by focusing on what users really want out of a web browser. After all, web pages have been standardized on Windows for years, and there is little reason that a new browser couldn’t make the same impression. The result is that users can feel safe in accepting the new look of the new browser, which is sure to cause many people to upgrade to this new version of the browser. If you are currently using another web browser, it is definitely worth looking into the new Opera Neon. No matter which version you are currently using, you will find that you can enjoy the new design, which takes the web pages that you already view and makes them much more interesting.

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