Remove the Background of a Picture with Microsoft Word

Strange, but I just learned about the feature of removing the background of a picture directly, in Microsoft Office and found it worth sharing here with the readers of TWC. This feature helps remove the background in just a few clicks and can help highlight the subject of the picture, by removing the background. You can remove the background of any picture using Word, PowerPoint or even Excel.

Remove the background from an image in Word

To remove the background from an image in Word, follow these steps:

  1. Paste the picture in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel.
  2. Click on the picture and go to the Picture Format tab.
  3. Click on the Remove Background button.
  4. Select the portion you want to delete from the picture.
  5. Click the Keep Changes button.

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

At first, you need to open or paste the picture in Word. After that, click on the image and go to the Picture Format tab.

Click on Remove Background option and you will get the marquee lines on the picture. Use the handles to select the area you want to keep and exclude the areas you want to remove. The deselected areas will turn purple.

Check out this picture showing the marquee line handles and background removal lines.

Click on Keep Changes, once you are done with the selection. If you have done it wrong, you can always reset the picture and do it once again. You can also discard all the changes by clicking Discard all changes.

Furthermore, you can also add different color effects and reflections in your edited picture. You can add these effects on the original pictures, as well as on the picture with the removed background.

  • Corrections: This feature includes almost every effect commonly used in the photo editor apps like adding shadows, glows, brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Color: This feature allows you to add a different color tone, color saturation and recolor option to your picture.
  • Artistic effects: This tab allows you to add different artistic effects to your picture.

Before you remove the background from the picture, it is very important to compress the picture, to retain the details in the original picture.

Can you remove the background of a picture in Word?

Yes, you can remove the background of a picture in the Word desktop app. It is possible to remove the background of an image in Word. You need to use the Picture Format panel after inserting the image in a Word document. Following that, you can find an option called Remove Background. It helps you get the job done.

How do I make a picture background transparent in Word?

To make a picture background transparent in Word, you need to remove the background. It is required to use the Remove Background option in the Picture Format tab to create a transparent image background in Word. This feature is available in most of the versions, including the latest one.

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