How to use the ROMAN function in Microsoft Excel

The ROMAN function is a Math and Trigonometry function, and its purpose is to convert an Arabic numeral to Roman as Text. The error value #VALUE is returned If the number is negative or greater than 3999. The formula for the ROMAN function is ROMAN (number, [form]).

In this tutorial, we will explain how to use the ROMAN function. The Syntax for the ROMAN function.

       Number: The Arabic numeral to convert. It is required.

       Form: The type of Roman numeral you want. It is optional

How to use ROMAN function in Excel

Open Microsoft Excel.

Create a table.

In the cell where you want to place the result type =ROMAN(A2).

A2 is the cell that contains the arabic numeral.

Press enter on the keyboard to see the result and drag the fill handle down to see the other answers.

Method one is to click the fx button on the top left of the excel worksheet.

An Insert Function dialog box will appear.

Inside the dialog box in the section, Select a Category, select Math and Trig from the list box.

In the section Select a Function, choose the Roman function from the list.

Then click OK.

A Function Arguments dialog box will open.

Inside the dialog box in the Number section, type cell A2  inside the box or click cell A2, and it will appear in the box.

The section Form is optional.

Then click OK.

Method Two is to click the Formulas tab and click the Math and Trig button in the Function Library group.

In the drop-down list, click the Roman function.

A Function Arguments dialog box will appear.

Follow the steps in method one for  Function Arguments.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to use the ROMAN function in Microsoft Excel.

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