Download Usenet.NL 1.30 for Windows

Searching Newsgroups Using Windows XP Or Windows Vista



The Usenet is an internet protocol that allows users to chat with other users, as well as download files from web services. It can be used to find and download software, news, e-books, music, movies, and a variety of other items. This type of newsgroup search service has a lot of potential, but still has some flaws. One of the major problems that Windows users have is being able to perform the search function while not connected to any type of internet connection.

Many of the Usenet service providers allow for users to connect using either a dial-up modem or broadband Internet. However, Windows users do not have this option. The reason is that Windows has no support for the standard NLL (Net Logging Language) technology that most Usenet service providers use to allow for the search function. NLL works by capturing all the different traffic on a Windows machine that is sent to the Usenet service. This captured traffic is then converted into a more readable format that can be searched.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do that will allow you to use Neblod and NLL. One easy way to do this is to configure your computer so that it captures the traffic that comes into it without having to use the NLL technology. A newsgroup reader for Windows that includes this option will allow you to search groups and newsgroups on the Usenet very easily.

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