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Is TumblRipper Better Than Its Competitors?



If you love to make pictures with Photoshop but hate messing around with all the menus and panes, then it’s time to invest in a little piece of software known as TumblRipper. TumblRipper is an easy to use free little tool made just for backing up your tumblr images to your hard disk. Features:

zark: This program uses the powerful ZAR algorithm to compress images. This is a very good program to try if you regularly make a lot of tumblripper images or want to send them to a certain website. As this algorithm makes it very easy to compress large images, it also greatly reduces the size of the resulting JPEGs which will save you a lot of space on your disk. There are quite a few free zar tools out there on the net but I would personally stay away from them as they will cause a lot of damage and could damage your computer significantly. If you have any problems downloading or using this program, give it a try. The website is accessible via the link below.

I was pretty excited when I found that there was an easy way to back up my tumblripper images without having to use Photoshop. My old approach of dragging and dropping images all over the place to back up my blog was no longer necessary, as I now had a program that was both quick and easy. I would highly recommend giving TumblRipper a try if you love to make pictures with Photoshop. You might just find yourself downloading it onto your machine to use on a regular basis.

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