Download Helper 0.19.12 for Windows

Free media download application Helper


Installing Helper grants you a browser extension to enable instant downloads. With it, you may get the download links of various media files from websites and social networks with ease.

Quick but not always easy

If you often find yourself running into gifs, pictures, and videos you’d like to keep but can’t, Helper is an excellent add-on for you. Initially designed for Opera, it works on Chrome as well. It does, however, require an extra add-on called Chameleon. Even with this, it’s quick to acquire and use, and doesn’t eat up your resources.

Downloads in seconds

Having installed this programme, you’ll start seeing download buttons near the media on your screen. Through this shortcut, you may download single or multiple files as quickly as your Internet speed allows.

Packed with ads

Unfortunately, this add-on, as well as the Chameleon extension, produces ads and tends to redirect you to sponsored websites. You may use the programme for free, thus the ads, but there is also a paid version available. While that one still contains pop-ups, it lets you download videos in higher quality.

Limited website coverage

Another glaring disadvantage of this programme is that it works on a limited number of websites. It covers the most popular ones globally, streaming services including Vimeo and YouTube, as well as social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. However, if you go a bit more obscure, it won’t help you.

Damage control

If you think that you’ll find this extension useful but don’t want to suffer the annoying consequences, you may disable it on websites from which you don’t plan on downloading anything. That way, the pages will load more quickly and without ads.

Better alternatives available

While the idea behind Helper is excellent, its execution falls short. With the ads, the requirement for a Chrome extension, and limited website access, this software programme doesn’t do as much for you as you’d expect. All in all, while some may find it useful, superior alternatives exist.

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