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SalamWeb Browser is a simple yet very effective web browser for Windows OS. It is an extension of the popular Salam Web Technologies MY Sdn. The name can be adapted to either ” Salam Web” or “My Sdn. Bhd.” (which is also the name of its developer). This extension has similarities with the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, which is available in several languages.

SalamWeb is an easy-to-use web browser designed especially for muslims. This extension is very useful for all users, even non-muslims, who wish to enjoy a trouble free surfing experience on the internet. It follows the principles of the Islamic religious teachings and values, which are strictly followed by the majority of the Muslims. Designed with a view to bring a Muslim web experience to non Muslims, and conforming to the norms of Islamic law, it follows the Islamic shariah law and tradition.

SalamWeb Browser comes with features such as built-in suadability, wading through dangerous websites, like porn sites and those that encourage violence, as well as filtering pop ups. Even though it is available to all users of the Windows operating system, this first browser is not made available for the MAC because it does not meet the standards of the MAC operating system which is Apple Computers Inc., a major software and hardware manufacturer based in Cupertino, California. This means that it is not only limited to the PC market, but also to the MAC or the Apple Computer. Nonetheless, it is a very valuable addition to the muslim internet experience.

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